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Many vehicle owners don’t know the vital role your transmission plays in making your vehicle go, but everyone knows that transmission repairs are no small matter. Under your hood, the transmission is what makes the connection between your engine and your wheels. It brings you up to speed from a dead stop. Your transmission helps your engine match your gear ratio to the speed you are going. If any part of this very delicate process is compromised, it could mean big trouble or even a smokey mess on the side of I-20! At TA Automotive of Conyers, we are experts at looking for the early signs of transmission failure. For our customers, we like to tell them to look out for the most common signs themselves. If you experience any of the following in your vehicle, give us a call for a chance to prevent a costly repair by catching the problem early on: 770-785-9381.

Signs You Need Transmission Repair

Check Engine Light: This light is pretty much the catch-all if your vehicle detects any issue under the hood. It's not specific, but it's meant to get you to a repair shop like TA Automotive of Conyers, where we can conduct further investigation.

Refusal to Switch Gears: Drivers in manual vehicles will be more likely to experience this. If your vehicle refuses or struggles to change gears, that could very well mean something isn't lining up between the engine and the wheels.

Slipping Gears: This will cause a shuddering sensation, and your vehicle will slow dramatically for no reason. It takes a lot of power to maintain high speeds, and if your transmission isn't working correctly with your wheels, it could lose its connection.

Grinding or Shaking: Another very obvious symptom of transmission failure is a shaking sensation. If there is an issue disrupting your transmission and wheel connection, your engine's effort trying to force the connection will cause much motion in the engine that will shake the whole vehicle.

Neutral Noises: While you are stopped at a light, your automatic engine puts itself into neutral, and manual drivers do this themselves. This means the connection between the transmission and the wheels is completely disconnected. If you hear engine noises while you are in neutral, that means something isn't right in your transmission.

Leaking Fluid: Your vehicle has several different fluids that help it run. Anything leaking from under your vehicle is a concern that should be addressed quickly. In some instances, it could be simply washer fluid. However, if there is a chance it is transmission fluid or brake fluid, we recommend immediate service and repair.

Burning Smell: The most concerning symptom of transmission failure is a burning smell. That means something has been wrong enough, long enough to cause your engine parts to overheat. In this instance, we recommend you pull over to the side of the road and call us for immediate inspection.

Schedule Transmission Repair Today!

If our investigation does show you need a transmission repair, we can work with you on a repair plan that will restore your vehicle's performance and safety. Once the repair is complete, we offer our customers the NAPA AutoCare Peace of Mind® Warranty, which is honored at 17,000+ locations around the country! Transmission repairs are covered for 24 months or 24,000 miles. Come by today to receive an auto repair experience catered to your needs: 1519 Old Covington Rd NE