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If your brakes aren’t working, you might as well have a big, metal paperweight. Your brakes are the most important safety feature on your vehicle, so if you experience anything less than ideal stopping capability, you need to seek immediate repair service. The signs of brake failure aren’t all the same, and some vehicles will show only one or two, while others that are in really bad shape may present them all. At TA Automotive of Conyers, we encourage our customers to become familiar with the signs of imminent vehicle trouble so they can come in for a fix before it becomes an emergency situation. Below are the most common signs of brake failure, so if any of these seem familiar to your recent driving experience, call our staff today: 770-785-9381.

Signs You Need Brake Repair

Less Effective: Decreased stopping power over time is hard to identify because it progresses so slowly. One day you may notice that you have to press the brakes very early in order to stop in time. This means you’ve already started to compensate for poor brake performance. Replacing your brakes will give you renewed stopping ability.

Shuddering Sensation: A bit more obvious of a sign is a physical shaking sensation when you are trying to brake. Worn brakes have trouble gaining traction to slow your wheels, so while they are spinning, the two parts create a skidding effect and cause the vehicle to shake. New brakes will have a rougher surface and create the required friction to slow your vehicle.

Squealing Sound: The same conditions that create a shuddering sensation when you engage your brakes can also create a high-pitched sound like a squeak or a squeal. This will happen when you are braking hard and braking during maneuvers like high-speed turns if you break for better control. Your technician will be able to identify if the brakes are still at a safe level of wear to keep you and your family safe.

Burning Smell: The most concerning sign of brake failure is a burning smell that can also be accompanied by smoke. If your brakes are overheating, they will very likely cause damage to other nearby engine parts. Pullover immediately to let your vehicle cool down and give us a call: 770-785-9381.

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At TA Automotive of Conyers, we have been serving the Conyers and Atlanta, Georgia, area for over 15 years. Our philosophy is a dedication to integrity, and that comes from great pride in our work. We know our repairs keep you and your family safe in our community. Our NAPA AutoCare Peace of Mind® Warranty covers qualifying services for 24 months or 24,000 miles. If anything doesn’t go well with our repair, you can bring your vehicle into any one of 17,000+ locations around the country, and they will make it right. You can’t take chances on a repeat experience and expense of transmission repair. At TA Automotive of Conyers, Georgia, we do the repair right the first time and stand by our work. Come by today to see our shop and what sets us apart: 1519 Old Covington Rd NE