Do You Know How to Take Care of Your Transmission?

Taking Care of Your Automatic Transmission

Tips for the care of your automatic transmission

Transmissions are one of the most complicated systems in your vehicle, with one of the costliest services for repairs or replacement. So, what can a vehicle owner do to extend the longevity of their automatic transmission? Below are three tips to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Transmission Fluid

Not all transmission fluids are created equal for your vehicle, so make sure that what you’re putting into your vehicle is the type you need. You can find this information in your owner’s manual, but if you’re not sure, or your vehicle is older, contact a trusted auto repair shop like Toyo Automotive Services for a check-up and updated recommendation.

Aside from the right type of transmission fluid, you should check your fluid levels regularly. It should be bright red and clear, and it should have a sweet smell. If the fluid is dark or murky or smells off, you should have a transmission specialist take a look. Also, if the level is low, you may have a leak, so keep an eye out for any pooling liquid under your vehicle.

Most people know that the cooling system in their vehicle keeps the engine from overheating, but did you know that it also keeps the transmission fluid cool, too? If your vehicle is habitually overheating, definitely make sure you get your transmission fluid checked out, too.

Changing Gears

You should always bring your vehicle to a complete stop before you switch from drive to reverse or back the other way. When you don’t, you add unnecessary strain to the transmission, which can cause extra wear and tear. This excessive damage can lead to a preventable issue with the system.

Also, since we’re talking about the movement of your vehicle, make sure you give your vehicle a few minutes to warm up when you get in, especially when it’s cold outside. This will allow the systems to warm up and properly lubricate before you drive away.

Transmission Flushes and Filters

Routine transmission flushes can prevent your transmission’s internal hydraulic lines from clogging while protecting the seals, which can prevent fluid leaks. This also ensures that your system is properly lubricated as well. And while you’re having your transmission flushed, you should also make sure that the transmission filter is changed, too. While many newer vehicles no longer have a separate filter, older vehicles typically do.

By taking this step, not only do you improve your driving experience, but it increases your fuel efficiency and saves you money.

We Can Help!

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