Wheel Alignment Inspection

Ask us Why

Wheel Alignments are Important

Here is why you should let us inspect your Wheel Alignment! 

  • If it’s been over 1 year or 15000 Miles, you should have your alignment inspected. 

  • This protects the customer’s investment in tires. The average cost of tires is $637 not including alignments and additional repairs.

A bad wheel alignment does the following: 

  1. Reduce gas mileage 

  1. Shorten the life of tires 

  1. Wear out suspension and steering components

  1. Makes the vehicle unsafe

If you hit a pothole or curb, you should have your wheel alignment inspected which includes: 

  1. Tires inspected.

  1. Possible Damage to Suspension components.

  1. Possible Damage to Steering System components. 

  1. Some cars have Electronic Control Systems which require STEERING ANGLE SENSOR RECALIBRATION at an additional cost.

  1. Estimates must be presented with an alignment digital copy of findings and recommendations of services.

We currently offer several wheel alignments services:

  1. Computerized wheel alignment without steering angle calibration 

  1. Computerized wheel alignment with steering angle calibration 

  1. Custom Computerized alignments with and without steering angle sensor recalibration.